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Foals N Shit by emsybemsy2001 Foals N Shit by emsybemsy2001
Woo Next Gens!

Row 1:
Applejack x Rarity

Petunia Petals
    - Oldest by 3 years
    -Anger issues
    -Ridiculous strength (somewhere between Applejack and Big Mac)

    Favorite quote: *insert grumpy but still cute face*

Peachy Keen
    -Peach Pie's twin brother, older by like 5 mins
    -Likes flowers
    -Had to learn first-aid because of Peach Pie
    -Gets dragged along

    Favorite quote: "Peach no."

Peach Pie
    -Peacky Keen's twin brother
    -Very happy
    -Once fought an apple tree and lost

    Favorite quote: "Peach yes!"

I now realise that their names all start with P. I'll change that later

Row 2:
Pinkie Pie x Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Party Popper
    -Oldest by 1 year
    -Looks like a girl
    -Easily tired, surprisingly enough

    Favorite quote:"Are you ponies ready for the time of your lives?!"

Jelly Jam
    -Older than Chocolate Mousse by 2 years
    -Looks like a boy
    -Flirt mode always activated (and seemingly malfunctional)

Favorite quote:"Just don't be 'jelly'."

Chocolate Mousse
    -Youngest sibling
    -Don't call her 'Choo-choo'. (Everyone calls her 'Choo-choo')
    -Puns are no

Favoutite quote:"QUIT CALLING ME CHOO-CHOO!" it doesn't work

Row 3:
Scootaloo x Featherweight

    -Loves doing stunts and tricks and stuff
    -Can't do stunts and tricks and stuff
    -Scootaloo worries but plays it cool (not really)

Favorite quote:"Mom! Do you know how to fix a really expensive vase that's kinda irreplacable?... Just wondering!"

Sweetie Belle x Rumble

    -Perfect little goody- twoshoes (in public)
    -Likes gaming with Uncle Button Mash
    -Sore loser
    -Has to fight every now and then, or she'll go crazy
    -Loves getting her mane done by Aunt Rarity
    -Named after the Pokemon

Favorite quote:"What do you mean 'no'?! I said please! Give it to me! Now!"

Babs Seed x Twist

Red Apple
    -Looks like a total bad flank
    -Total wuss
    -Does his own eyeliner
    -Likes cuddles
    -Pretty tall

Favorite quote:"Tsch. You can't stop me."

Row 4:

    Adult Sweet Pop for no real reason

Edit: I got progressively more and more tired while making these, and it kinda shows

I'll probably change them up a lot, but yeah. If you have any ideas for how I can improve on them, please tell me :3
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May 31, 2016
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